Tania Toffanin

Associate researcher of the Luxury in the age of globalisation chair

Tania Toffanin is a sociologist and associated researcher at the College d'études mondiales, of the Luxury in the age of globalisation chair of Marc Abélès

She holds a PhD in Labor Studies from the University of Milan and a Diploma in Political Science from the University of Padua.

His thesis was on Economic Sociology on the Causes and Effects of Industrial Fragmentation in Italy.

She taught Sociology of Work, Sociology of Professions, Gender and Work at the University of Padua for several years, where she was a post-doc researcher in the Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Pedagogy and Applied Psychology.

His research interests are mainly focused on the analysis of working conditions and economic processes. She is also interested in the theoretical questions and the empirical conclusions on the division of gendered work. She works more psecifically today on the condition of women from the 1950s on industrial restructuring in two Italian regions. 

Research Project

In 2015, Tania Toffanin was a post-doctoral fellow at the Collège d'études mondiales. His scientific project was: "Transformation of Luxury, Analysis of Luxury as a Relationship Between Production and Consumption, Societies, Markets and Social Differentiation".

The aim of this research project was to explore issues related to the production and consumption of luxury goods in a comparative and long-term framework. The hypothesis supporting his research was that the luxury industry, more than any other, has completely formed its structure at the time of the new division of international labor, which emerged during the last half of the seventies and years eighty, because of its role in the accumulation cycle and its close connection with financial capital. Similarly, the concept of "luxury" has changed by redefining new patterns of consumption, and by assimilating to fashion goods, ready-to-wear clothing and accessories. These were partly represented by specialized and handmade production, but also in the industrialized production made by some international luxury brand companies.



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