Marylène Lieber

Invited Researcher of DEA Programme
Stay in France: from September 1st to October 31, 2018

Marylène Lieber is an Associate Professor of Gender Studies at the University of Geneva. Sociologist, she is a specialist of both gender violence in public places and Chinese migration – with a particular focus on Chinese sex workers in Paris. Among other things she published Genre, violences et espaces publics, la vulnérabilité des femmes en question (Paris, Presse de Sciencepo, 2008); « Sex and emotion-based relations as a resource in migration: Northern Chinese women in Paris » (with F. Lévy, Revue Française de Sociologie – English Issue, vol. 52, 2011) ; Cachez ce travail que je ne saurais voir. Ethnographies du travail du sexe (with J. Dahinden and E. Hertz, Lausanne, Ed. Antipodes, 2010).

The project 

Title: Who needs protection on the streets? The contrasted regulations of women’s autonomy in public places


Public space, violence, gender, migration, China

Selected publications

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12 September 2018