Marta Jecu

Post-doctoral fellow invited to the "Global South (s)" Chair led by Françoise Vergès.

After a master's degree in anthropology, Marta Jecu received an interdisciplinary doctorate in 2011 at the Free University of Berlin. His thesis led by professors Renate Schlesier, Christoph Wulf and Jose Manuel Gomes Pinto focused on "Catalytic Space". Following her doctorate, Marta Jecu conducted postdoctoral research at the CICANT Institute of Lusofona University in Lisbon. She has also curated numerous exhibitions, including in 2015 the tripartite exhibition "DEVOUR! Organized in Leipzig and Berlin or the exhibition "IN ABSENTIA" at the Graca Brandao gallery in Lisbon.

Research project

Marta Jecu is the winner of the 2016 call for a one-year postdoctoral fellowship co-funded by the Gerda-Henkel Foundation and the Maison des Sciences de l'Homme Foundation (FMSH). She is welcomed as a post-doctoral student at the Collège d'études mondiales, as part of the "Global South (s)" Chair led by Françoise Vergès, to conduct a research project on " Exodous Stations. Contemporary Art and the Ethnographic Museum ". Located at the intersection of museology and contemporary art, this project studies both specific disciplines and historical means of working with objects of material culture.The aim of the project is to analyze the contribution of conceptual art to the discipline of ethnological museology, particularly in terms of colonial and postcolonial collection, procurement policy, object migration and display.

Selected publications

Author of numerous articles on contemporary art and modern architecture, Marta Jecu also published / edited several books: Architecture and the Virtual, University of Chicago Press (2015); Open Monument. Research Into Ephemeral, Commemorative Architecture and Modernist Patrimony, Revolver Verlag (2013); Subtle Construction, Bypass Editions (2011).

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