Markus S. Schulz

Visiting researcher under the DEA programme 2017

Markus S. Schulz is the International Sociological Association’s Vice-President for Research and President of the Third ISA Forum of Sociology. Professor Schulz’s research focuses on global dynamics, media, movements, and democratic imagination. He has taught at New York University, University of Illinois, Virginia Tech, and the Bauhaus University of Weimar, Germany, and is developing at the New School for Social Research a project about “Reclaiming Futures.” Among his many distinctions is the Bielefeld Prize for the Internationalization of Sociology. 

Markus S. Schulz is the founder and curator of the online WebForum on The Futures We Want:

Research Project 

Markus S. Schulz is FMSH invited researcher (programme DEA 2017) with the research project Social Imagination of Futures and Sociology in France:

Sociology’s foundational spirit was driven by practical hopes for better futures. Over the course of the discipline’s professionalization, this spirit became muted in many or most national sociologies. Yet pressing problems of increasing social inequality, oppression, and environmental destruction demand border-crossing, forward-oriented scholarship and innovations that go beyond deterministic models and military response logic. New conceptual perspectives and methodological tools are needed for research on possible, probable, preventable, and preferable futures. How can social theory and the study of political imagination connect to public discourse on the challenges and opportunities of our time?   

Sélection de publications 

Schulz co-authored the six-volume book series on Internet and Politics in Latin America: The Regulation and Usage of the New Information and Communication Technologies in the Context of Political and Economic Transformations (Frankfurt: Vervuert, 2003; Vol. 1 bilingual in German and Spanish).  He edited for the journal Current Sociology special issues on Values and Culture: The Shaping of Future Society (2011) and on Future Moves: Studies in Culture, Science, and Technology (2015). Most recently he edited a selection of essays from the WebForum on The Futures We Want: Global Sociology and the Struggles for a Better World (2016).  

Among his numerous journal articles in English are “Collective Action across Borders: Opportunity Structure, Network Capacity and Communicative Praxis in the Age of Advanced Globalization” (Sociological Perspectives, Vol. 41, no. 3); “Debating Futures: Global Trends, Alternative Visions, and Public Discourse,” International Sociology (2016, Vol. 31, no. 1); and “Social Movements and Futures Research” (World Future Review, 2016, Vol. 8, no. 2).

Recent publications in French include : « Les avenirs que nous voulons : La sociologie global et les lutte pour un monde meilleur » Dialogué Global,  2015, Vol. 5, no. 2 ; et « La crise et la politique de l’avenir »,  in: Les récits de la crise: mythes et réalités de la société contemporaine, edited by Christiana Constantopoulou (Paris: L’Harmattan, forthcoming 2017). 



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