Juan Shen

Invited Researcher of DEA Programme
Stay in France:  from October 7th to November 7th, 2019

Juan Shen holds a PhD in sciences of information and communication from Paris II Panthéon-Assas University, and she is studied doctorate in History of art and archeology at the Sorbonne University and Social anthropology at the EHESS. She works both in the field of research for the civilization- heritage and scientific mediation through publishing and audiovisual.

The project 

Title: Scientific mediation
-a platform for intercultural communication through the media of heritage and audiovisual

Keywords: World civilization, prehistory, scientific mediation; intercultural communication; history of art and archeology; cultural and social anthropology; cultural and natural heritage; global problems for civilization; publication and audiovisual, documentary

Selected publications

  • Qin empire, -unification of China, Editions FloreSoleil, p184, 2012
  • Knowing China, Editions FloreSoleil, p182, 2013.
  • Glory of the great Tang, in cooperation with the Museum of the history of Shannxi, Editions FloreSoleil / Press Sanqin, p198, 2014.
  • Scenes of Han, engraving paintings on stone, Editions FloreSoleil / Press Sanqin, 2015
  • Gold and silver wares, in cooperation with the Museum of the History of Shannxi, Editions FloreSoleil / Press Sanqin, 2017
  • Thang-Kga, tibetan paintings, in cooperation with the Museum of Tibetan Art in Regong, Editions FloreSoleil / Press Sanqin, 2017
  • The origin of Chinese civilization, (The creation of civilization, the factors of civilization in Neolithic archaeological sites), Press Sanqin, 2019
  • Planet Desert -China, Science Documentary, 52 ', Monalisa Production and ARTE, 2016
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16 October 2019