Dmitri Afinogenov

Invited Researcher of DEA Programme
Stay in France:  from October 14th to November 23th, 2019

Born in Moscow in 1965, graduated from Moscow Lomonosov University as classicist in 1989, postgraduate studies at the Institute of World History in Moscow 1989-1991, then employed at the same Institute as researcher to this day. Dumbarton Oaks fellow in 1992-1993, held many other stipends in different countries. Main research interests revolve around the Byzantine Iconoclasm and hagiography and their reflection in the Byzantine and Old Slavic literature.

The project 

Title: Marginal notes in codex Coislinianus 305

Keywords: Byzantine history, Byzantine literature, Slavic translations from Medieval Greek, Byzantino-Slavic textual studies

Selected publications

  • The Great Purge of 843: a Re-Examination (Великая чистка 843 г.: пересмотр проблемы) // ΛΕΙΜΩΝ. Studies presented to Lennart RydОn on His Sixty-Fifth Birthday. Ed. J.O.Rosenquist. Studia Byzantina Upsaliensia 6, Uppsala, 1996, p. 79-91.
  • The Bride-Show of Theophilos. Some Notes on the Sources  // Eranos (Acta Philologica Suecana), 95 (1997), p. 12-18.
  • Imperial Repentance: the Solemn Procession in Constantinople on March 11, 843 // Eranos 97 (1999), p.1-10.
  • The Conspiracy of Michael Traulos and the Assassination of Leo V: History and Fiction // Dumbarton Oaks Papers, 2001, p. 327-336.
  • The Church Slavonic Life of St. Thaddaios, the Martyr of the Second Iconoclasm // Analecta Bollandiana 119, 2001, с. 313-337.
  • Le manuscrit Coislin gr. 305: la version primitive de la Chronique de Georges le Moine // Revue des Études Byzantines 62 (2004), p. 239-246.
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  • Afinogenov D., Andrist P., Déroche V. La recension γ des Dialogica polymorpha antiiudaica et sa version slavonne, Disputatio in Hierosolymis sub Sophronio Patriarcha: une première approche // Les Dialogica polymorpha antiiudaica (CPG 7796, olim Dialogus Papisci et Philonis Iudaeorum cum monacho). Travaux et Mémoirs. T. 17. Paris, 2013. P. 27–104.
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  • Hellenistic Jewish Texts in George the Monk: Slavonic testimonies // Scandinavian Journal of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies. Vol. 4. 2019. P. 89–98.
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