Buket Türkmen

Associated researcher to the Initiative Social Mouvements in the Global Age

Buket Türkmen  is lecturer at Galatasaray University in Istanbul and graduated from EHESS. She has conducted research on young Islamists, public space and Islam, Muslim women, secularism and new social movements in Turkey. 

Research Project

She is currently conducting research on the new subjectivities of women activists of the Gezi Resistance, on the meeting between women activists of Gezi and Kurdish movement and on the processes of desubjectivation in totalitarian societies.

Her research project as part of his DEA at the FMSH is: Les acteurs des veilles de la démocratie en Turquie : vers une construction non-publique de l'espace.


Her book, published and published by l'Harmattan, is entitled Laicités et religiosités : Intégration ou exclusion ? (L'Harmattan:2010 ). Her articles on the Gezi movement, Gezi women activists, public space, laicity, youth, Islamist and secularist foundations are published in Turkish, French and English in several journals (Ethnologie Française, Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East, Migration Société, OpenDemocracy, Kültür İletişim, Toplum ve Bilim) and books (Pleyers § Capitaine (dir) Mouvements sociaux, quand le sujet devient acteur, Ed. FMSH ).


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06 February 2017