Almagul Mussina

Invited Researcher of the Atlas Programme
Stay in France: from October 1st to November 30th, 2019

Almagul Mussina has graduated from Eurasian National University`s PhD program in sociology in 2013, since that time she has been employed as Lecturer at the Department of Sociology, which is in the Faculty of Social Science. She has experience in the implementation of international research projects in such programs as CARTI, RESET. She has been a visiting researcher at London University, Goldsmiths (2011) and at California University in Santa Barbara (2010). Currently she is in the Kazakhstani editorial board of the Global Dialogue Journal, which is published under the auspices of the International Sociological Association in English and translated into 14 languages of the world, including the Kazakh.

The project 

Title: Media and city: How social media changes the urban space. The case of Astana.

Keywords: Sociology, urban sociology, methods of studying the city, urban space, social and spatial inequality in urban area

Selected publications

  • Features of the socio-spatial inequalities in the urban landscape of Astana. / / Journal "Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya". Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Publisher "Science." Number 4. 2013. This work was published in terms of CARTI grant.
  • Mussina A., Telebayev G. (2017) Astana: Transformation of urban social structure. Proceedings of XV international Symposium on Image studies, Astrakhan.
  • Nurusheva A. (2014) Forms of social differentiation in urban space of Astana, Proceedings of V Congress of Kazakhstan sociologists, Almaty, 2014.
  • Nurusheva A. (2011) Perspectives of Kazakh capital`s development, Proceedings of IV Congress of Kazakhstan sociologists, Almaty, 2011. – 568 p. 542-549 pp.
  • Nurusheva A. (2011) Spatial inequality in Astana: from “grey city” to “green villages”. Proceedings of IV annual international – scientific conference on “Independence of States and capitals of countries: connotation of meanings”. Astana: Elorda, 2011. – 532 p. 425-428 pp.
  • Nurusheva A. (2011) Parameters of socio-spatial inequality in postsoviet city, the case of Astana. Proceedings of annual international – scientific conference on “Science and education” Lomonosov Centre, St. Petersburg, 2011.
  • Nurusheva A. (2011), Problematising the spatial inequality in urban landscape. Proceedings of annual international – scientific conference on “Science and education - 2011”, devoted to the 20 year of Kazakhstan Independence, Minister of Science and Education RK, L.N.Gumileyov ENU, Astana, 2011.
  • Nurusheva A. (2011), City and contemporary youth: social aspects of relations. Proceedings of annual international – scientific conference of young scientists, researchers “Lomonosov - 2011” at Kazakh branch of Moscow State University after M.V. Lomonosov, Astana, 2011
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