Inequalities, Health and Humanitarianism


The rise of globalisation has been accompanied by a sharp increase in social inequalities. Access to health services is now jeopardised by funding mechanisms that are increasingly calling on household contributions. Health is becoming a commercial commodity in a rapidly growing international market. The aim of the research chair is to foster critical and interdisciplinary discussions on:

• the commodification of health products, and particularly the development of a human market,

• the rise in social exclusion and the unsuitability of humanitarian responses.


- Participation at the international colloquium "Gypsy XIII, L’autre, le semblable, le différent" (Gypsy XIII, The other, the similar, the different), Dec. 2013, Centre Universitaire des Saints Pères, "Le cannibalisme en blouse blanche : l’autre en soi" (Cannibalism in a white coat: otherness in the self)

- Research seminar, Collège d’études mondiales, Jan. 2014, "Du néo-libéralisme au néo-cannibalisme" (From neo-liberalism to neo-cannibalism).

- International colloquium "Globalisation and Commodification of the Human Body: a Cannibal Market?", Feb. 2014, Geneva, Fondation Brocher. Participation of some forty researchers (doctors, sociologists, legal experts, economists, political analysts, historians). See publications.

- Seminar in partnership with I. Tubella, "Les Nouvelles technologies entre utopie et dystopie" (New technologies between utopia and dystopia)

Dec. 2015, "Le numérique, la biotechnologie et la littérature dystopique" (Digital technology, biotechnology and dystopian literature), Jan. 2016, "La liberté de l’individu" (Personal freedom), Feb. 2016, "Le corps manipulé"  (The manipulated body), March 2016, "L’acceptation et la résistance" (Acceptance and resistance). Final colloquium, 26 April 2016, "Les nouvelles technologies entre utopie et dystopie" (New technologies between utopia and dystopia).

In partnership with the Centre de recherches interdisciplinaires, the Labo des Histoires, the Institut Innovant de Formation et de Recherche (IIFR) and the Entrepôt.

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Les nouvelles technologies entre utopie et dystopie