Certification IDEX for the project “Université Paris 2019”

Project led by COMUE USPC

The project “Université Paris 2019” has been certified as an excellency initiative (IDEX) for a 4-years probationary duration, that will lead to a new evaluation for a potential approval.

The evaluation of the international jury, chaired by Jean-Marc Rapp, former Rector of the University of Lausanne, former Head of the Conference of the Swiss Universities (CRUS), and President of the European University Association (EUA), confirmed by the Prime Minister, reassures the place of the future University of Paris on the map of the French academic excellency. Indeed, IDEX aims at creating in France world-class research universities.

Led by the COMUE USPC, le project “Université Paris 2019” plans the creation of the University of Paris, on January 1st, 2019, due to the merging of the Universities Paris Descartes and Paris Diderot and to the integration of the Institut de physique du globe de Paris. Drawing upon its 58 000 students, its 7 500 staff members and its territorial and academic partners, the University of Paris has the potential to become one the first four French Universities. Due to the importance of its disciplinary spectrum and the excellency of its research, it may be propelled, from its creation, to the World Top 50 of the Shanghai Ranking.

The jury considered that the new project “Université Paris 2019” constituted a well‐defined research‐intensive target university, with a very strong health focus that is associated with excellent science (especially mathematics, physics and earth sciences), and engineering, social sciences and humanities, and that it met the necessary conditions for its implementation, due to the creation in 2019 of a unique institution, highly integrated and provided with an efficient governance.


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20 March 2018